From medina to mountain top: visiting Marrakech in winter

Banya No.1, review: ‘all you need is a good thwacking at a traditional Russian spa’

Jay Rayner: ‘It drives me nuts that Ella Woodward and the Hemsleys have sold loads of books’

The Old Dairy, review: ‘I’m busy falling deeply in love with my steak tartare’

Hamlet, Almeida Theatre, review: ‘Marathon Hamlet gives Scott the time to shine’

Art review: You are looking at something that never occurred

Obsession, Barbican, review: ‘Despite Jude Law’s best efforts, Van Hove’s production is flat’

Anton & Erin Swingtime, Barbican, review: ‘Transports you back in time’

2 Become 1, King’s Head Theatre, review: ‘Riotous and completely unabashed’

Forage for borage: how to find your own food in the city

Panicking that she might have to start rationing vegetables, Zoe Paskett meets Shane Harrison, a New Zealand born restaurateur and expert in foraging for food

Risotto balls and chicken feet: why London restaurants are specialising

Dave Arkin of Arancini Brothers and chef Mark Hix talk to Zoe Paskett about specialising their food and the difficulties in the restaurant industry

Luminary Bakery show female empowerment is a piece of cake

Zoe Paskett talks to the Luminary Bakery founder Alice Boyle and Benjamina Ebuehi from Great British Bake Off about empowerment through baking

Life in the Calais Jungle

Zoe Paskett steps into the harrowing reality of life in Calais - a migrant encampment in France composed of people desperately seeking a new life. | The Scribbler

Inside Kara Tepe, Lesvos' Syrian refugee camp

Kara Tepe, outside the main town of Mytilene, is a camp for Syrian refugees. With little to no organisation from NGOs, most of the help comes from volunteers, providing food and medical support to thousands of people. | The Scribbler

Campsfield: 'I was born to be free'

The plight of refugees in the UK: inside Campsfield immigration removal centre. | Commended MA project - referenced in House of Lords speech by Baroness Hamwee

Drummers' Beach: The music speaks for itself

Music and communication across ethnic boundaries in a time of tension, Tel Aviv, Israel. | Adapted academic dissertation

'Suicide casts a long shadow'

Zoe Paskett talks to author Jeremy Gavron whose mother's death 50 years ago was shrouded in mystery, until he got the courage to go in search of her. | Hampstead and Highgate Express [also in print]

Highgate teacher’s debut play shines light on Britain’s 1.4m alcoholic population

Laura Donaldson, who teaches at Highgate School, tells Zoe Paskett about her new show, Ism, which follows a rock band on the road. | Hampstead and Highgate Express [also in print]

Deborah Jay uncovers the forgotten story of Napoleon's other wife

Zoe Paskett talks to the Hampstead solicitor-turned-biographer who spent years researching the little known life of the Austrian Archduchess Marie-Louise.  | Hampstead and Highgate Express [also in print]

Big House Theatre: Many people can't step into the world and take the opportunities that are there

Ahead of their new show, Electric, Zoe Paskett talks to the company about opening their doors to care leavers. | Hackney Gazette / Islington Gazette [also in print]

23 year old novelist Rebecca Bellman puts Barry the penguin on the page

The West Hampstead novelist has adapted a musical into a children’s book with its creator Lesley Ross, finds Zoe Paskett. | Hampstead and Highgate Express [also in print]

Jewish Comedy Festival returns for a second year

Zoe Paskett talks to comedian Arthur Smith, who will performing Arthur Smith Sings Leonard Cohen at the festival. | Hampstead and Highgate Express [also in print]

Kansas Smitty’s bar hopes to bring jazz to the people in Broadway Market

Zoe Paskett talks to Giacomo Smith, whose band bought the bar earlier this year to establish their own community.  | Hackney Gazette / Islington Gazette [also in print]

Camden Comedy Club celebrates a storming first year

Harry Hill, Stewart Lee, Sara Pascoe and Alan Carr have all played at the new club devised by Lucy Danser, finds Zoe Paskett. | Hampstead and Highgate Express [also in print]

How to enjoy London Jazz Festival in North London

Zoe Paskett looks at what’s on the line-up, including Jamie Cullum at the Roundhouse and events at King’s Place, The Rabbit Hole, The Forge and The Jazz Cafe. | Hampstead and Highgate Express [also in print]

Would you pay £7,000 to watch the fireworks?

A 4,025 sq ft five-bedroom penthouse in St John’s Wood is available just in time for Bonfire Night. | Hampstead and Highgate Express

Brick Lane coffee shops serving the community

Despite the Starbucks and the Costas, the number of independent coffee shops in east London is rocketing year by year. Upstart’s Zoe Paskett meets the owners to find out if this is necessity or excess. | Upstart magazine

Synthetic biology: from Silicon Valley to South Kensington

From medicines to toys, from skincare to artificial organs, synthetic biology start-ups are sweeping across the capital. Can business and science work together? | Upstart magazine

Interop London announces top ten startups

A consulting company that helps boost social media presence and a money-saving energy technology initiative are among the winners of Interop London’s Tech Startup 10 competition. | Upstart magazine

Benjamin: Man, artist, wizard

Zoe meets Benjamin at London Fashion Week - a man who just might have figured out the meaning of everything. | The Scribbler

Unemployment, desperation and a very sick cow - Milked review

Written by Simon Longman and produced by the Pentabus Rural Theatre Company, Milked expresses the difficulties of the transition between adolescence and adulthood. | Are We On Time?