He promised me silence by Zoe Paskett

Was that it? Was I supposed to feel something? Something other than a sore throat and Raynaud’s in my fingers. I pulled my jumper from around my waist and put it on.

Closure is stupid, I thought to myself. I realised that I was waiting for him to say sorry. I stood up and looked at him for the first time since I’d finished speaking. He was a block of ice.

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Turkey and the refugee crisis - Izmir's response by Zoe Paskett

A mother of four is fleeing Syria. They have been walking for longer than they know and the children are exhausted. The woman picks up three of them to carry: one on the front and one on either side. Her oldest son is too heavy and has to walk. He can’t keep up and she must leave him behind. They go on for another 100km before a car pulls up, carrying her son to return to her. But, just as before, he is soon lost to her.

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Life in the Calais Jungle by Zoe Paskett

“I don’t like to feel like I'm a problem,” says Wasim. “I have plans and resources. I’m just looking for a good future for my family. We are looking for peace, to start again. I had a great life in Syria with my family. This wasn’t my choice.

“As a human being, we keep asking ourselves ‘why?’ If you don’t want to help me, if you aren’t going to stop the war, what did you mean by bombing? A lot of innocent people died. How is it my fault? Why didn’t you look at me as a human being?”

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